What to bring and wear to class?

Be sure to bring along a sweat towel and a bottle of water.  To clean your pole/lyra, a small micro-fibre cloth is best.
For classes, you must be able to move freely without constraint.

POLE: Comfortable gym clothing. Shorts is best, however if you feel more comfortable you can wear longer/ loose gym leggings which can be pulled up allowing skin to show and helping to “stick” to the pole. Skin contact is very important in pole. No shoes needed as we dance bare feet. When advancing to higher levels, having the sides of your body open will assist in more tricks.
Please do not wear any oily body lotion on the day of class as this makes the pole slippery and puts yourself and others at risk of injury.
LYRA: Tight leggings that cover the back of your knees.  A vest or t-shirt that you can tuck in.

No jewellery is allowed to be worn while doing classes as this scratches the poles/lyras and may hamper your grip or cause injury.

I have no strength, can I still do join?

This is a common concern for many new comers. Although some of the moves requires strong arms and core, you start with the basic and fundamental moves that include spins and climbs. Each session also incorporates conditioning in order to help you get stronger. Many of the people who come to a class for the first time are not strong! Pole and aerial training is a fantastic way to build strength.  It is a full body workout and you will become stronger with practice. The more you practice, the faster you will gain strength.  The best part about pole and aerial fitness is that you are training the muscles without even knowing it. Just by trying the moves, you’ll be toning those muscles up – you’ll notice an improvement in just a matter of weeks!

Am I too old or overweight?

No! and No!
We have all ages, shapes and sizes that train with us.  You are never too old to exercise. Pole dancing is a full body workout and will help you shift some of the weight.

Greta Pontarelli, who started poling at the age of 59, won a gold medal at worlds when she was 66!! Never too old 🙂

Is there a risk of injury?

Like with any sport, there is always a risk. Warming up is essential and you shouldn’t do a move you aren’t confident in without the help of an instructor. You will move at your own pace in class, giving your body time to develop the strength required.  Bruises and pole burn are normal but these will be a thing of the past once your body conditions and you get more comfortable with the moves. 

Do I have to be fit, flexible or have a dancing background?

No, you don’t need to have any level of fitness, dance ability or flexibility! No one was a pro when they started. 
As Julie Andrews would sing, “Let’s start at the very beginning.” 

How many classes should I attend?

Like anything, practice makes perfect. On average most of our students do 2 classes per week.

I am a man, can I sign up?

Yes, we cater for both male and female students. There is still a strong stigma that pole fitness is only for woman. This is not true.  We would love for our male pole community to grow, so what are you waiting for?  

What if I battle to do the move?

Rome wasn’t built in a day and the same goes for pole and aerial fitness. Getting tricks 100% will take time but you will notice improvement in just a matter of weeks. 

I am under 18, can I sign up?

Yes, our classes are available for all ages however if you are under the age of 18, parental consent is required.

Where is Pole Dance Cape Town located. Is there parking available?

We are located in the smaller of the two business parks in Edgmead called Park Edge Mews.  There is ample parking outside the main gate.  No parking is available inside.